Novalash American Volume Eyelash Extensions

The team at Cloud 9 Spa have now become certified with the popular Novalash American Volume Eyelash Extensions ...

The extensions are made of a synthetic fibre that has a dark black colour and a soft feel which give our clients the look of a much thicker and darker lash line. The finished look is created by placing multiple lighter fibres on each natural lash, versus the more traditional one-to-one bonding.

"American Volume Eyelash Extensions are perfect for more dramatic looks!"

Since these fibres contain darker pigmentation and sheen, they're an amazing look for any special occasion. And the great thing about working with Novalash American Volume Eyelash Extensions is that it doesn't take a huge amount of time to do them. We typically only require around 2 hours of your valuable time for a complete set and will include various lengths of extension for a more natural look.

We also use a special platinum bond adhesive which has the strongest hold available for any type of eyelash extension available today ... you'll only require touch-ups once a month rather than more often.

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