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Get Fabulous Results With Arbonne Bio-Hydria!

Pump up your skin with 48 hours of refreshing hydration ...

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POSTED BY CLOUD 9 SPA ON 04/10/2019 @ 8:00AM

We've been recommending Arbonne Bio-Hydria to our clients and have started to get feedback from them about their new-found skin hydration ...

We're so pleased our clients are getting great results with Arbonne Bio-Hydria!

We're so pleased our clients are getting great results with Arbonne Bio-Hydria!

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It's always fun when a new product range comes from Arbonne. People always say how fantastic the skincare products are, and we recently talked about RE9 and how it can quickly balance your skin tone and colour.

"Now we have the Arbonne Bio-Hydria range!"

The vast number of our clients at Cloud 9 Spa always say that their skin is looking a bit dull and could do with looking plumper. As we age, skin tends to dry out quicker and that, visually at least, piles on the years. Who wouldn't want plumber, smoother, younger-looking skin?

The key ingredients in the Arbonne Bio-Hydria range were handpicked for their unique ability to hydrate. Gone is dull, dehydrated skin with Edylis Cellular Water, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel. All combined to deliver hydration deep into the epidermis to help maintain critical moisture all day long.

Your skin will drink it all up and impart a light and dewy glow all day long!

If you have issues with dark circles around your eyes, use the Arbonne Bio-Hydra eye gel. For younger skin that needs hydration in specific areas, use our liquid serum in smaller quantities. For all-day hydration try our gel cream over your whole face and if you want a boost from the inside out, drink our herbal infusion, a caffeine-free tea, and reap the soothing benefits of our antioxidant blend of chamomile, rosemary, and thyme. You can drink it iced or hot.

It's always great to get feedback from our clients. Once recently told us that the Arbonne Bio-Hydria eye gel had lightened up the dark circles around her eyes, another was so happy with the gel-cream and she loved how smooth and plumped her face looked, both at the office and out for the evening.

"Would you like to know more?"

We're so pleased our clients are getting great results with the Arbonne Bio-Hydria range. If you'd like to find out more then do give us a call on 01908 804 804 to book your skincare consultation or visit to discover the Arbonne skincare range.

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