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Have You Seen The Great New Products From Arbonne?

Some amazing new skincare products ...

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POSTED BY CLOUD 9 SPA ON 24/05/2019 @ 8:00AM

Our founders Marlin and Richard headed to Las Vegas the other week for an Arbonne conference where they released some amazing new products ...

Arbonne released some great new products at the recent conference in Las Vegas!

Arbonne released some great new products at the recent conference in Las Vegas!

copyright: marlin armstrong / arbonne

Arbonne has updated a lot of their products with new formulations and are now including Fairtrade ingredients so small growers will be paid properly for the ingredients they supply to Arbonne.

Here are a couple of our favourite products; one new and one updated:

  • Firstly, we have the Arbonne Intelligence Counter Spot Essence. The company describes it as a cream that reduces the look of age spots and wrinkles in one step. Put some on problem areas before you go to bed and wake up with even better-looking skin!

    Marlin has been trying it out on Richard for the past few days and says there is a definite effect, even on male skin. We saw him earlier too and it really has taken years off him, so we're convinced.

  • The second product we want to talk about is something Marlin raves about regularly. In fact, when we were preparing this blog post, she was insisting we included the RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring V-Lift Gel. She uses it herself and was all excited about us feeling her cheek to see how soft her skin was.

    And you know what? It was amazing! So, smooth and not a wrinkle in sight. Oh, we're going to have to get some V-Lift Gel ourselves and start using it. Not a new product, but updated with new ingredients and formulation and from what we've seen, it really works!

Why choose Arbonne Intelligence skincare? Well, let's get skin smart. As we get older our skin loses collagen and elastin. Sun exposure, pollution and stress can speed up the ageing process.

The Arbonne Intelligence collection was developed with botanicals and cutting edge scientific ingredients to help target the signs of ageing and achieve youthful, radiant and healthy looking skin.

And from the results Marlin and Richard are getting following their conference in Las Vegas, we are all fired up to get the new Arbonne Intelligence range into Cloud 9 Spa and start using them in all of our treatments.

"Would you like to know more?"

If you'd like to find out more about the new Arbonne Intelligence range, or want to discover our Fairtrade sourced botanical products, then do give us a call on 01908 804 804 to book a treatment, or visit our Arbonne webshop and place your order today!

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