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Cloud 9 Spa's philosophy has always been centred on the belief that beauty works best from the inside out!

Why Do We Have Two Saunas At Cloud 9 Spa?

They are very different beasts ...

POSTED BY CLOUD 9 SPA ON 26/06/2020 @ 8:00AM

People do ask us why we have two saunas at Cloud 9 Spa. It seems greedy to have two, but they are very different pods and have completely different functions ...

Why do we have two saunas at Cloud 9 Spa?

Why do we have two saunas at Cloud 9 Spa?

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First of all, we have a normal dry heat Sauna. It's designed to get really hot and make you sweat all over. With the skin being the biggest organ in the body, getting a sweat on is a great way to remove toxins from your body and when you scrape off the moisture you're left with lovely smooth skin and a who lot less unhealthy gunk in your body. Who wouldn't like that?

"However, our second sauna has amazing benefits!"

It's a far-infrared sauna, and it's like being in intense sunshine, but without all the glare from standing outside at noon on a sunny day. There are so many health benefits to getting a lot of Vitamin D which include regulation of calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood (great for healthy bones) and helps you to combat fatigue and tiredness, depression and muscle pain. There's even anecdotal evidence that a far-infrared sauna is good for hair loss!

So, we highly recommend an hour in our far-infrared sauna to anyone who needs to spend more time outside, but seems to be chained to their desks a lot of the time. You'll be surprised at how beneficial it can be.

We may not be open right now, but lockdown won't last forever!

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